Case Study Research and Its Methods

You have already known many definitions of case studies. One of the most popular is a research that combines an event or a set with the explications of the phenomenon. Case study research allows understanding the complex issues. It is very useful method, especially if you need to make the deep investigation.

This tool is often used for making necessary research in education, sociology, community based problems, for example poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, illiteracy, and so on. This particular research is important when you need to evaluate the problem, an event, etc.

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The method of case study is not as rigorous and objective as other social research methods are. You may use case study as a tool of the global research project. Of course, this term has a deeper application that depends on your requirements.

Cases are well known as prospective and retrospective research. Prospective case includes criteria that are established and make the case more available. Retrospective ones use criteria from the historical records.

You may also use qualitative data like an interview, or quantitative data, such as questionnaires.

Where to Use a Case Study

Writing case studies is possible for different kinds of researches. There are few factors that influence on the method of future case:
  1. Particular types of questions that will be answered;
  2. The control over the event;
  3. The focus on contemporary and historical events;
  4. The questions have the bigger influence of future research.

How to Write a Case Study

Before starting writing it is necessary to do following acts:
  • create a plan, design;
  • prepare all needed materials;
  • collect all information;
  • analyze the writing;
  • share the case.
Case study writing suggests a lot of methods:
  • personal interviews;
  • observation;
  • tests;
  • archival records, etc.

They all are needed to explore causation for finding underlying principles. Very often a case study is successfully used for later testing and researches. Also this method has some disadvantages. One of those, the researcher cannot analyze cause and effect relationships. It is impossible to test hypothesis as well – you may gather data to inform hypothesis but you cannot support one of them or refute it.

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