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Literature review writing may refer to two kinds of work: it may be an overview of academic theories for your university research, either thesis or dissertation, in any subject, or it may be needed for writing literary analysis – that is analyzing books for your literature paper. If you are reading this article, that probably means you would be interested to learn more on the specifics of one of these types. We have summarized some advice of our literature experts on how to prepare high-quality and efficient literature overview.

How to write thesis literature review?

Literature review is needed for any serious research. The unjust part of such work is that indeed you have to process much more items in order to find and select the books, articles, and papers for writing your literature review. If you don´t know what to start with, here are some guidelines on how to proceed:

  1. Formulating the topic of your paper. Unless it is already clearly formulated by your professor, you focus your thesis or assignment and title it parallel with preliminary literature research.
  2. Looking for books related to your topic. This is the most exhausting part, which takes days or weeks. If you have enough time for the whole process, you have to be careful and not fall into temptation to write too much about everything that somehow relates to your research with transitions to irrelevant issues. That is annoying, as you dedicate much effort and then cross out the half of the text.
  3. Structure your text. You don´t simply list the sources and describe them, but you compare them, describing how they are related to your thesis or dissertation and support its relevance.

If you are writing about literature, the task is not exactly the same. That is also something different from book review, as here you don´t express your opinion, but approach the assignment form academic perspective, including scholars´ opinion. For such kind of paper you will probably also need writing literature reviews in the above sense.

How to get literature review help?

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