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There are small and at the first glance unessential things that may change our lives. Like personal statement for example. It seems to be a mere formality, a brief paper added to a heap of documents submitted for acceptance. Our experience shows, that sometimes students do not take personal statement help seriously, as they think it will not really be considered, unlike their CV or research proposal. However that is a false assumption. Human nature promotes the interest in personal appeal. Thus, members of evaluating commissions start their first acquaintance with the candidate through personal statement in particular. If you doubt your paper looks convincing, it is better to contact professionals from our personal statement writing service.

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The best writers of such documents are experts with a background of various successful personal applications. To be able to help with personal statement it is necessary not only to have academic degrees, but also persuasive writing skills, like our experts do. Personal statements help is different from assistance with papers in the following terms:

  1. Although you have to be formal, you are still allowed to express some emotional affection to the course you are applying for. When we help writing personal statements we always take care of proper emphasis and the order in which the facts are presented.
  2. Personal statements do not have such strict requirements to the format of presentation, but the format still has to be formal. It is far not always good idea to type the paper in jumping or medieval letters.
  3. You are presenting yourself to a group of persons who have never known you before. Here one has to keep the balance between being sincere and not give excessive information, irrelevant for the reader.
  4. This is similar to writing a covering or motivation letter. It is not very long, but has to contain maximum relevant information and a strong argument. The trick is, that the smaller the text, the more unacceptable are the mistakes in it.
  5. Personal information. To provide proper personal statement writing help the professional writers need specific data about your background, motivation and target course. That is essential information for such kind of papers.

If you feel you need help with writing a personal statement to be sure it has perfect structure, style and no mistakes, you are welcome to make an order in our personal statement writing services.

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To order help on writing a personal statement with our experts you are welcome to fill in our online form or contact our team in the online chat any time of day and night. Our professional will contact you back immediately to specify your order. Ordering help with a personal statement or any other persuasive letter in our company is a key to your success.