Tools and Ideas in Creative Writing

There are many ideas, prompts, guides of interesting creative writing on the internet and other sources. With this advice it is easy to write fiction, poetry, drama, and other types of creative writing. Most people need some motivation to start do creative writing exercises. Here are few pieces of advice that may help you to begin:
  1.    You may write to express yourself. Share with others your qualities by showing your vision of your world.
  2.    Write a story to entertain yourself and other people. Imagine this is a challenge or an adventure. You may feel yourself better and absorb everything you are written about. This process could give you a color, a sense, and meaning.
  3.    You will never been alone. The writing process keeps a company for you, because you have a conversation with yourself, potential reader, the book that inspired you. You can also create some character and liven it up in your imagination.
  4.    Creative writings allow living other lives. There are many limits in real life. When you create, you can do everything and be anyone. You may try different lives, be other person, and go to every place or time you want.
  5.    You may talk with other people. For example you may present this story to others and make their lives more beautiful and richer.

Useful Tools for Creative Writing

Creative writing services advise to stock up useful tools for starting writing:
  •         A notebook,
  •         Good pen,
  •         A piece of paper,
  •         A computer and laptop,
  •         Some writing space,
  •         A dictionary.

Ideas of Creative Writing

From time to time many writers have block. If it was happen with you and you stuck a bit for inspiration, then you need some ideas and techniques to continue writing. If you have a little collection of the postcard, find your favorite one with group of people or nice nature, imagine a story about them and write it. This technique also works with any object – what is it, where was it from, who was the owner of it, and so on. If you have fresh (or old) newspaper, find there interesting story and develop it as fiction. While being in bus, café, or supermarket listen to conversations of the people and imagine the end of every story. The good start your favorite book may give. Just open it at the random page, write some sentence from there and continue to create your own story. You can also create a book around some feeling.

When You Write First Time

First experience in creative writing is always scared and exciting. Keep your emotions and do not worry. At the beginning you should keep your thoughts together and start writing from any place you like. If the flow is going on – do not stop, write, reread, come back and change written. This is the usual process of creative writing. If you feel that it is too complicated for you, but still need to prepare story as a task for university or college, then creative writing services will help you.